Sony Pushing Destiny: The Taken King With XMB Ads on PS4

It looks like Sony is really pushing Destiny: The Taken King on PlayStation, which is surely the result of their partnership with Activision. Players are reporting ads for Destiny: The Taken King on PS4’s XMB.

Users are provided with an unwanted download option for Destiny: The Taken King right there on the XMB menu:

Destiny The Taken King

According to one NeoGaf user:

So I booted up my PS4 to check if MGO was working already, and I see myself greeted by Destiny TTK icon next to my other real games.
Now when I click on it it brings me to the store and asks me if I want to buy it or download the demo. It also takes me to the most expensive bundle.

Fans on various social platforms aren’t happy about this and think it’s a little overboard. Sony says that this is a part of their featured content system which “automatically adds recommended content from PlayStation Store to the content area. Select the added content to start the download.”

However, it looks like there is a way to turn it off. You can also just go ahead and press the options button to delete the featured content.

Do you think such methods should be used to advertise games, add ons etc? Let us know of your opinion in the comment below.

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