Sony Predicts 60 Million PS4 Sales By March 2017

Earlier this year Sony announced that PlayStation 4 has sold over 40 million units worldwide. Its strongest regions include North America, UK, and Europe.

Sony revealed its financial details for the latest fiscal year and predicted 60 million units to be sold by March 2017. Current stats show that Sony has shipped 43.2 million units worldwide. PS4 sales are expected to touch 20 million by early next year.

Sony predicts 60 million PS4 sales by March 2017.

Sales increased 14.5% year-on-year (a 25% increase on a constant currency basis) to 330.4 billion yen (3,208 million U.S. dollars). This significant increase was primarily due to a significant increase in PS4 software sales including sales through the network, partially offset by the impact of foreign exchange rates and decreases in PlayStation 3 hardware and software sales.

Sony is planning to release PlayStation 4 NEO next year. The console is expected to boost sales and increase revenues. The new machine will offer 4K support and improved performance.

Operating income increased 24.6 billion yen year-on-year to 44.0 billion yen (427 million U.S. dollars). This significant increase was primarily due to the above-mentioned increase in PS4 software sales and PS4 hardware cost reductions, partially offset by an increase in marketing costs. During the current quarter, there was a 1.3 billion yen negative impact from foreign exchange rate fluctuations

Sony is making all the right decisions with PlayStation and its overall growth is promising. VR is another major focus of Sony but it may take some time to actually generate notable revenues through VR market. However, since Microsoft doesn’t have contenter in the VR space, Sony’s PlayStation VR has the market to itself.

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