Sony Announces Playstation Meeting 2019, Will We Get Playstation 5 News? [Update]

The Sony Playstation Meeting 2019 will be coming on February 20, and there's no telling if we'll be getting Playstation 5 news or not.

[Update] The Invite has been proven to be fake so there is no PlayStation event planned for now.

Sony has just announced the date for Playstation Meeting 2019, where they have said that they will show attendees the future of Playstation itself. The annual conference will likely have a lot to talk about for the coming year, and many gamers will likely be looking for hints of the Playstation 5.

Playstation is in an interesting place in 2019. In addition to a large number of highly-anticipated games and hopes for a new console, the company is also skipping E3 entirely this year, leaving a big hole in the conference’s schedule. While Playstation Meeting 2019 likely won’t be the event that Sony replaces E3 with, it might still give us an indication of progress on some of their upcoming games.

Games like Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, The Last Of Us Part 2, and Death Stranding are all PC exclusives, and all of them will hopefully be coming out in 2019, though we don’t have actual confirmed release dates for any of them. The Playstation Meeting 2019 will hopefully give us a few trailers and actually release dates for the games, or even at least launch windows.

And then there’s the possibility of a Playstation 5 being announced. The Playstation 4 was released in 2013 around the same time as the Xbox One, and even though only around five or six years have passed, gamers are now clamoring for news on a new console.

Sony had previously announced and released the Playstation 4 Pro as part of its leap to 4K, but there’s not been any real indication that Sony is anywhere near to being in a position where they can announce a new console beyond leaks or supposed statements from .

While there might be something dropped for at least some news of a new console, Sony might just be focusing on games, though we can’t quite discount any Playstation 4 news at the Playstation Meeting 2019. The event is on February 20, so we won’t have that long to wait.

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