Sony Announces Playstation Bug Bounty Program To Help Increase Security

Sony has announced a new program on its official blog that is intended to help increase the security of Playstation 4 and the Playstation Network. The Playstation Bug Bounty Program is a public program that will hand out cash rewards for those who manage to find bugs or vulnerabilities in netcode.

Many gamers likely know that the Playstation Network has a long history of being hacked or otherwise compromised. At least one breach was so bad that Playstation ended up being sued for it, and various other hackings, DDOS attacks, and more have since been used to take the Playstation Network offline.

So far, Sony has only been running the program with a dedicated team of researchers, but they also believe that more players can help to pinpoint various vulnerabilities and make the Playstation Network and Playstation 4 a safer place to play for anyone that uses a Playstation console in gaming.

Much like other bug bounty programs made by other studios, the Playstation Bug Bounty program also has rewards for multiple different types of issues that someone might discover, with the biggest being reserved for critical Playstation 4 errors that someone may come across. Rewards for finding those can start at $50,000.

More details for rewards can be found on the HackerOne website, who Sony is collaborating with in order to create the program. For instance, on the Playstation Network, a low severity bug is worth a $100 reward. Medium severity gets $400, high gets $1000, and critical gets $3000.

Fitting with its greater importance, Playstation 4 vulnerabilities have $500 for low severity bugs, $2500 for medium bugs, $10,000 for high severity bugs, and $50,000 for critical severity bugs. However, it’s up to Playstation to decide whether a bounty will be rewarded, and only the person who first discovers the bug will be able to receive the reward.

So, if you’d like to be able to participate in the Playstation Bug Bounty program, you had best keep an eye out for any bugs that you might like to report to Playstation at some point in the future. Just remember the rules.