Sony’s Patented Add-On Device Gives DualSense More Buttons

DualSense is a remarkable addition to the PlayStation family of controllers. Sony Interactive Entertainment is now working on making that experience even better.

According to a published patent from last week, Sony is looking into an add-on device that can be attached on the back of a DualSense to give the controller additional buttons.

The filing refrains from mentioning just how many more buttons such an add-on device can add to a DualSense controller but does make a point that each of those buttons will be easily customizable, meaning that they can be mapped by players through in-game settings for their PlayStation 5 games.

A controller add-on includes a housing that mechanically couples to a game controller body. A plurality of buttons coupled to the housing are located opposite the conformable surface. A controller interface coupled to the housing is configured to communicatively couple to the plurality of buttons to the game controller. Buttons on the add-on may be mapped to controller buttons using customized button mapping pre-sets.

Sony states in the filing that despite a heavy emphasis on an ergonomic design, “a number of buttons on the controller may be out of reach for the average hand while using certain functions.” There hence needs to be a way to add more buttons that are within reach.

DualSense has four face-buttons by default with the iconic PlayStation symbols. The controller also has dual analogue sticks, each of which can be pressed for additional functions. Then there are the dual shoulder buttons on the sides and a touchpad in the middle which can be pressed (clickable) on both sides.

At the very least, mapping the shoulder buttons on the back may possibly prove more feasible for some players. That and the patented add-on device might also come in handy for players with disability that prevents them from stretching their fingers across the controller.

DualSense can be purchased for $70 at retail.

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