Sony Patent Wants to Classify Gaming Styles for Better Suggestions

A newly-unveiled Sony patent will apparently make it easier for the system to recommend games to players by studying their gameplay.

A recently published Sony patent intends to keep track of gamers’ gameplay styles in order to make better recommendations for games that might meet their interests. The patent claims that this is in order to allow them to have more games that they might like be recommended to them by PlayStation systems.

An individual may have limited budget and leisure time to dedicate to the games they choose to play. As such, many consumers often seek advice or other types of research data from friends, review websites, gameplay streams, pre-recorded video content, walk-throughs, and other sources of information in order to obtain information about a new game title before purchasing the same.

With many people having preferred genres in video games like puzzle games, sports games, first-person shooters, or role-playing games, or even preferred series and franchises, they can often be a reliable buyer. However, the patent also brings up that sometimes that may not be enough to secure enjoyment.

Despite additional effort applied to determine whether a certain video game title may likely be compatible with their individual interests and preferences, the user may still find elements of the game undesirable and feel they have wasted time, energy, and resources.

The patent itself talks about a system that can instead read someone’s preferences, gameplay style, and interests, which it can then use to make predictions about what games that the system thinks that particular gamer will enjoy more than relying on occasionally-misleading advertisements and previews.

Such methods may include tracking gameplay records of a user, detecting a categorization or classification of a game style or gameplay preference, generating a visual graphical representation of the categorization or classification, comparing a gameplay categorization to other games, generating a visual graphical analysis of a selected games categorization, displaying a superimposed or overlaid representation of a selected games categorization on a historic categorized gameplay preference of a user, generating and displaying predictions and recommendations for games similar to categorized gameplay preference, and displaying potential social connections with other users in the network based on a categorized gameplay preference.

If this new system of Sony’s can end up recommending games that certain people will want to play more reliably, it can end up being a useful tool for any Playstation gamer, especially those who might be interested in a game that might fit their tastes.

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