Sony Patents Multifunctional Controller With Online Connectivity

Sony looks to be planning a next-generation era where PlayStation 5 owners are not only consolidated for in-house gaming but also outdoor usage.

Earlier today, the company was spotted (via LetsGoDigital) to have patented a new multifunctional controller that can be connected to other devices such as a console, smart television set, or smartphone with either an internet connection or bluetooth. The built-in touchscreen from Sony then allows the user to access features like listening to music, checking emails, sending messages, downloading and playing games, viewing images, and other social activities.

The patent also mentions several interesting functions that can determine the state of the user. In addition to fingerprint and heartbeat sensors, the controller has a gyroscope and an acceleration sensor as well for motion control. Basically, suggesting fitness- and location-based support applications from Sony.

The only thing bothersome is the rather unusual shape, which looks to be more of a handheld console than a controller. It goes without saying that Sony is unlikely to be pursuing a next-generation PlayStation Vita successor. Hence, the crude design was probably intentional so as to not have people draw conclusions from the patent. In other words, the patent is for either a secondary — more expensive — controller for PlayStation 5 or pegging features for DualShock 5 which are yet to be announced by Sony.

This isn’t the first time that Sony has been said to be making a controller that goes online. Another patent was spotted a few months back that suggested the same thing.

It needs to be also noted that patented features are never guaranteed to be made real. This particular patent may as well be for DualShock 5 but at the same time, Sony might cut out some of those features.

Whatever the case, DualShock 5 has indeed gone through an evolution where controllers of the PlayStation family are concerned. A few months back, lead system architect Mark Cerny revealed how the DualShock 5 controller features new adaptive triggers that will offer varying levels of resistance for immersion. Whether you’re pulling an arrow on a bow or firing a machine gun in a trench, the tension in the adaptive triggers will differ in each case. In addition, the DualShock 5 controller will boast haptic feedback but with a lot of improvements. Instead of the conventional rumbling motor, highly programmable voice-coil actuators will respond to every action for astonishing effects.

Even then, Sony was assumed to be hiding some more features for DualShock 5. With PlayStation 5 set to launch in the holiday season of 2020, Sony will finally be revealing its next-generation console next year. It will only be then that we can confirm just how many features from this patent were stuffed into the new PlayStation controller.

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