Sony Trademarks Knack 3, Could Release With Project Spartacus

Sony Interactive Entertainment has apparently been working on a new Knack 3 installment in the PlayStation-exclusive platforming franchise.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, Gematsu confirmed that a new Knack trademark was filed by Sony around a couple of weeks back. Unless the trademark was for a new compilation that bundles both of the previous games, developer Japan Studio may as well be making it a trilogy with Knack 3.

It should be noted that Sony has been strongly reported to be launching its overhauled PlayStation Plus, codenamed Project Spartacus, in the coming week. Knack 3 could potentially be a launch game for eligible subscribers.

PlayStation Plus will reportedly be converted into a multi-structured subscription service with three tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. The first two of which will be similar to the current PlayStation Plus model with the added advantage of a downloadable library of older games in the case of the latter.

Premium subscribers will on the other hand have access to cloud streaming, “a library of classic games as well as a new game trials feature.” The game trials are believed to be extended, early access demos where players can play the full versions of new games for a limited time. In that vein, Knack 3 could be one of the first game trials on PlayStation 5.

The first Knack was released on PlayStation 4 as a launch title. Knack 2 followed as a sequel in September 2017. Both games received mixed reviews with the sequel largely considered to be an improvement over its predecessor.

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