Sony Japan Discontinues All PS4 Pro And PS4 Models Except One

Sony Interactive Entertainment has decided to cease production of all PlayStation 4 Pro models in Japan with the start of the new year. The discontinuation notice in the country also covers all PS4 models except for the standard slim model with 500GB of storage in jet black finish.

Sony will now be using the existing production lines (via Game Watch) to manufacture the new PlayStation 5 models which continue to face shortages in Japan as well as in the rest of the world. Sony however remains to confirm if the aforementioned last-generation PS4 and PS4 Pro console models will be discontinued in the west as well.

The official PlayStation Store in the United States did incidentally note last month that it would no longer sell PS4 Pro consoles in the region before removing the message. That may perhaps have been an early indication of Sony putting all manufacturing resources into the current-generation PS5 consoles.

PlayStation 4 was launched in Japan in February 2014 around three months after the western launch. The PS4 slim model hit Japanese markets in September 2016 before being followed by PS4 Pro a couple of months later.

In an interview last month, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan shut down reports that Sony was “drifting away” from Japan in its PS5 marketing plans. Ryan stated that Japan holds fundamental importance for the company, now more than ever with the launch of a new generation of PlayStation consoles.

PlayStation 5, as already stated, can prove to be a hard find at the time of writing. The crazed holiday shopping season from last month pretty much wiped clean all available units. The next wave of shipments will allow consumers to try their luck again in the coming months.

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