Sony Isn’t Going To Bring Playstation Backwards Compatibility To PS4

Sony recently made its stance on backwards compatibility known, and it would seem that Playstation backwards compatibility isn’t going to be coming any time in the near future. Jim Ryan, Sony’s Head of Global Sales and Marketing, is apparently baffled as to why anyone would want to play old games.

Unlike Microsoft, which began implementing backwards compatibility to its console back in 2014, Sony apparently can’t see the appeal. Microsoft’s backwards compatibility system has been highly successful, as many gamers can finally buy games that they used to play all the time on their Xbox 360s without any real fuss.

Ryan has actually asked “why people would want to play older games, as they don’t look as good as games from the current generation. Apparently he’s never heard of nostalgia; especially considering the PSOne Classics function that the Playstation Store has allows Playstation Vita owners to play games from the original Playstation.

Sony also has the Playstation Now function, which allows Playstation 4 owners to play Playstation 3 games.

The available PSOne Classics are well-regarded RPGs like Xenogears, multiple Final Fantasy titles, and more, some of the classic games that were critically acclaimed back in the day.

From what Jim Ryan said in the interview however, Playstation backwards compatibility is a function that has been requested fairly often by many people, but whenever it’s actually implemented, it’s not used very much. This is most likely the reason why they don’t want to do Playstation backwards compatibility; the company is avoiding the sunk cost fallacy.

After all, no matter how many people think that it would be a great idea to have older Playstation games available on the Playstation 4, if no one actually makes use of that system and buys older games, then there’s no real point in Sony doing anything about them.

So, you’ll probably have to go around and find older Playstation consoles if you actually want to play games from those consoles.