Sony is Introducing PlayStation Move for PlayStation VR

Sony is close to releasing PlayStation VR for PlayStation 4 and even though it can be played with a Dual Shock 4 controller, Sony is pushing players to use PlayStation Move.

It has been years since we saw PlayStation Move controllers came out. They were used with PlayStation 3 but it turned out to be just another gimmick. However, they seem like the perfect fit for PlayStation VR.

VR games can really benefit from PlayStation Move controller. Playing with Move can be more immersive compared to a Dual Shock 4 controller.

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This is exactly why Sony is reintroducing PlayStation Move for PlayStation VR. A new twin pack for PlayStation VR is now available.

Whilst not required for PSVR titles, The move controllers will bring the best experience whilst playing VR titles that will utilise control. Nearly all PlayStation VR titles will support DualShock 4 controllers and several games will deliver an enhanced experience that further immerses gamers with the use of peripherals such as the Move controllers.

For example, Batman: Arkham VR can be played without Move controllers, however you would be holding DualShock Controllers in each hand so the PS4 camera could see the light bar for the movement of each hand.

The twin pack is available to Aussie gamers for $119.95. No such product is listed in North America for the time being but it shouldn’t be long before it is.

PlayStation Move for PlayStation VR is not the worse of ideas.

Sony is hosting a PlayStation Meeting in New York this month where it is expected to show more of PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR bundles should be revealed so tune in on September 7 to know more.

Of course, the highlight of the show is going to be PlayStation 4 Neo and PlayStation Vita Trinity.

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