Sony Censored Xbox 360 Controller In PS4’s Destiny 2 DLC Trailer And It’s Beyond Funny

Sony and Microsoft are two big tech giants, the competition gets tougher when they face off each other with their top gaming machines which currently are PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Both companies are always against each other trying to come on top but they often try to play nice. However, playing nice wasn’t the case when the new Destiny 2  DLC trailer came out for PS4.

Sony has censored out an Xbox 360 controller which was shown in the trailer of Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion by Bungie.

If you check out the trailer on the official Youtube channel of PlayStation and at 2:42 duration you will see a blurred out Xbox 360 controller which is hilarious. But Bungie has the unedited version of the trailer so you can check it out for comparison.

Funny thing is that it’s also been reported that Bungie uses Xbox controllers to develop their games instead of DualShock 4.

This isn’t the first time something like this happened. EA announced Anthem at E3 2017 and showed the game running on an Xbox One X. The title is also optimized for Xbox One but fans were annoyed and waiting to see PlayStation version of the game.

Interestingly, Sony did release a gameplay trailer but funnily enough, it was the photoshopped version of the same video shown for Xbox One earlier. But Sony marketed it as Anthem for PS4. Afterward, Sony did take the video down but never talked about it.

E3 is a few days away where we will see more from both companies as they will battle once again to take the lead. Though in term of exclusive games, PlayStation has a clear lead and more stunning titles are said to be revealed at E3 including Days Gone and Ghost of Tshushima.

As for Microsoft, it’s been criticised a lot for exclusive titles and Crackdown 3 is rumored to suffer another delay.

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