Sony Has Exclusive FIFA 18 Marketing Rights?

FIFA 18 has apparently changed partners for this edition of its yearly sports game, as Sony has apparently gotten the FIFA 18 marketing rights for the game before it releases later this year. The game will also include Playstation 4 Pro enhancements, making it look even better on Playstation’s premium console model when it releases.

FIFA 18 will be the latest in the FIFA franchise, the yearly EA Sports installment that goes alongside games like the Madden football franchise as its soccer counterpart. FIFA 17, its previous installment, sold very well last year in 2016, and also won a good amount of praise for its game modes and its pioneering story mode, “The Journey“.

Last year, Xbox had marketing rights for the FIFA games, and so on its merchandising, it got the Xbox logo. However, with this new decision with Sony, FIFA 18 is going to be getting slapped with the Playstation 4 emblem instead.

With Playstation having exclusive FIFA 18 marketing rights, we’ll likely be seeing the game not only being bundled with Playstation 4 consoles rather than Xbox Ones, but we may also see more TV commercials that focus on the game being available for PlayStation 4, rather than on the Xbox One and other consoles.

The FIFA 18 marketing rights that Sony gets exclusive access to aren’t the only thing that’s going to be different with FIFA 18. Since the Playstation 4 Pro came out late last year, it means that EA will be able to make use of the Playstation 4 Pro’s increased power to enhance the game’s visuals.

Since FIFA 17 was the first EA Sports game to use the Frostbite engine, this means that even with FIFA 18 looking good with the Frostbite engine, the Playstation 4 Pro will help it look even better. Depending on when the game releases compared to the Xbox One Scorpio, we might also get a version of the game on that console too.