Sony Game Division Profits Set To Be Highest Since 1998

The Sony Game Division profits are apparently going to be the highest since 1998, according to a corporate analysis that was recently conducted. For instance, Sony is predicting that they’re going to sell over 60 million PlayStation 4s this year. With how well the console has sold so far, it’s not off the mark.

The Playstation 4 has definitely been the most successful console of this generation, even after the PlayStation 3’s lackluster performance the previous console generation. Capitalizing on having better visuals than the Xbox One, a larger selection of exclusive games, and lacking the public relations disaster Microsoft had on its reveal of the Xbox One, it’s not that surprising.

The Sony game division profits are actually responsible for most of Sony’s profits for the past year, totaling around 80 percent of the company’s net profit, around 73 billion yen. This is even before taxes, which many have predicted to be around 500 billion yen for Sony’s operating profits.

All of these profits together gave Sony around a 4.6 stock increase in the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and if they’re correct, then it will be Sony’s biggest profit amount since 1998, which was seen as its golden year of gaming that cemented the company as a home entertainment giant.

1998 in gaming saw the release of Metal Gear Solid 1 and Parasite Eve, and with some of the games that Playstation has released this year, like Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5, Yakuza 0, and Nier Automata, that have all been critical and commercial successes, it’s not that hard to believe that Sony will make around 500 billion yen this year.

Not to mention a lot of these successful games have come in the first half of the year, before E3. Who knows everything that might be announced to come out this year at the PlayStation E3 conference, especially if all of those games are good. If they are, the Sony game division profits will likely go even higher.