Sony Delay Uncharted Movie Until 2017

If you were looking forward to seeing the Uncharted movie then you may have longer to wait as the 2016 release date changes to 2017.

Sony have revealed their release schedule for the next few years, and some fans may feel a little disappointed. If you were looking forward to an Uncharted film coming in June 2016, you’ll have a bit longer to wait.

Variety have revealed the list which reveals that Uncharted is now set for June 2017, and for fans of the Resident Evil films, the final one in that series will also be coming in 2017 too. With a year being added to the Uncharted release, this raises the question as to whether we’ll ever see the film released.

This may come as a relief to some fans, especially when we think of the previous movies based on video games. While there are a precious few that do have some success, most fail to replicate the entertainment seen in the games.

If we are to be fair to the Uncharted though, it could be argued that it is a perfect game to be made into a movie. Nathan Drake is a likable everyman action hero much like Indiana Jones. Much of the story that would feature in the movie has also been written, though changes would have to be made to make it fit to the film style of course.

There have been hints that there has been development issues with the Uncharted movie, with TheWrap reporting the loss of Seth Gordon as the director, and Tom Rothman Sony chief wanting to move the production in a different creative direction. This could be the reason for the change in scheduled release, though news like this is never a good sign.

Whatever the reason for the change in date, it looks like we have another two years until Uncharted becomes a movie. Will we ever see it hit the movie theatres? I guess we’ll have to wait till 2017 to see.

Were you looking forward to an Uncharted movie? Let us know your thoughts below.

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