Sony To Change Its Misleading PS Now Advert As ASA Takes Notice

PS Now is Sony’s subscription-based service that allows users to play games on the cloud for a monthly fee. However, the advertisement for the subscription service was potentially misleading. Now Sony is under orders to change it before ASA starts a full investigation.

The misleading part of the PS Now advert is the monthly addition of 31 games. Hence, Pureplaystation’s Chris Harding filed a complaint to UK’s Advertising Standards Authority.

According to Harding, he received an email for ASA regarding his complaint against the PS Now advert. The ASA has asked Sony Interactive Entertainment to make amends to the PS Now advertisement.

The authority noted that once they “get an assurance from them that they will change the ad in a way” they “consider resolves the complaint” they will close the case.

However, if Sony fails to comply with the proposed amendments then the case will then pass on to ASA Council for a full investigation. Let’s see if Sony will change its PS Now advertisement accordingly.

Speaking of Sony, the company has maintained its lead with its flagship console PlayStation 4. However, the console is nearly at the end of its life.

While we are waiting for the reveal of PS5, a report has emerged suggesting that Sony has another PS4 exclusive to announce. According to the report, the PS4 exclusive is a proper first-party title rather than a PSVR game.

But, that doesn’t mean Sony isn’t working on PlayStation 5. According to Sony president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, the company has plans for PS5. He also admitted that working on a PlayStation 5 has become “necessary”.

Also, it is unclear is PS5 and Xbox Scarlet will target 4K/60 FPS or not. However, some devs believe that 4K/60 FPS isn’t a necessary standard for PlayStation 5 and next Xbox. According to devs, players want the best visuals and this shouldn’t be taken for granted.

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