Is Sony Buying Nintendo’s DRAM Manufacturing Plant?

It is being said that Nintendo might be shifting its weight towards new areas – mobile gaming for instance; and along with this has come a rumor that the gaming giant might be selling off a major chunk to Sony.

Reportedly, Sony is in the final stages of buying Nintendo’s DRAM chip manufacturing plant.

The DRAM chips in question are used in the Wii U and if the rumors are true; they could set Sony back by ¥7 billion for the acquisition (a bit over 68 million dollars). This could be something really big but what makes it more interesting is the source of the rumor: NHK, the Japanese national TV channel.

Based on a report by DualShockers, the TV channel aired the news that Sony had finalized its plans for taking over the semiconductor plant based in Tsuruoka in Yamagata.

Now although the plant has had a core value for Nintendo in matters of the Wii U console, it is not expected that Sony will use it to manufacture components for Sony’s gaming consoles. Instead, they plan to expand it further and use it to manufacture sensor for smartphones.

On the other hand, nothing has been heard from Nintendo with regards to their new partner in the manufacturing of the DRAM chips for their consoles. We have reason to believe that they have stocked up on it though.

This is not the first time something has been reported about the Tsuruoka based plant; it was bound to be closed even before Sony got involved.

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