Sony Boss Teases New Crash Bandicoot For PlayStation 4

Sony’s E3 2016 press event,”a Night at the Theater,” brought us some very good news. The company announced Crash Bandicoot remastered for PlayStation 4. Previous Crash games are coming to PlayStation 4 with enhanced visuals and other improvements.

However, even though we are very excited to see Crash return, not having a new game is a little disappointing. Without a doubt, the community would have prefered a new Crash Bandicoot to go with the remastered. It didn’t happen at E3 but does that mean it will never happen? That is surely not the case.

Sony’s Jim Ryan was pressed in the possibility of a new Crash Bandicoot for PlayStation 4. He teased their possible future plans by saying:

You know, we’ve got to keep you guys hoping for stuff that’s coming in the future. Tease you a little bit as well.

Elsewhere in the same interview, PlayStation 4 Neo was discussed by Jim Ryan. He explained why PlayStation 4 Neo wasn’t at E3 2016 while taking a jab at Microsoft’s Project Scorpio.

..when you make this sort of announcement that you don’t just trod off a list of specifications and this and that, but that you actually demonstrate what a device like Neo is capable of. And when we have the gaming applications to do that, then we’ll be ready and then we’ll show it

Head over to the link above to read his entire statement.

Both PlayStation 4 Neo and Project Scorpio will release next year. Both consoles support 4K gaming and other exclusive features. Keep in mind that both machines would require a 4K Tv or monitor.

Source: Gamereactor

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