Sony Black Friday 2019 Deals Start November 24

With it being the last week until Thanksgiving, that also comes with the acknowledgement that Black Friday, an American day when many items in stores are discounted, is coming too. Sony has already started to get into the holiday, as the Sony Black Friday 2019 deals are coming on November 24.

With games and game consoles one of the top sorts of gifts for the holidays such as Christmas, it’s no surprise that game companies like Sony are already getting prepared to have more of their consoles fly off the shelves. Since the Playstation 4 has sold over 100 million units, Sony has even more reason to try and get ready fast.

Sony has a lot of stuff that they can discount, too. Various Sony Black Friday 2019 deals include savings on things like Playstation 4 consoles (where you can get a Pro for $299 or a bundle with three games for $199), Playstation VR headsets (for $199), and a number of games like Spider-Man, Days Gone, MediEvil, and Concrete Genie (starting at $19.99).

It’s likely that there will be more deals than just the ones that Sony has unveiled, such as a Black Friday sale on the Playstation Store and other things like that, but Sony won’t be the only company having a Black Friday sale, either.

Since so many other retailers are also likely going to be getting Black Friday sales on, we can also likely expect sales on the Nintendo eShop and the Xbox Store as well, and Steam will likely be bringing in a Thanksgiving or Winter Sale at some point soon, according to the dates leaked some time ago.

The Sony Black Friday 2019 sale will be running from November 24 to December 2, so if you’re in the market for any new games then this will likely be your best chance to get some of them for cheap, especially a really good one like Spider-Man. Thankfully if you live in Canada, the sale will be going until December 6.