Sony Bend Studio Working on an Open World Horror Title?

It looks like this week has been dedicated to leaks; we got two big ones and apparently both of them are Sony’s first party titles.

I see the Japanese giant flaunting their cards. Previously, we had picked up leaked information about an RPG that Guerilla Games is working on, and now there is word on the street that Bend Studio is developing an open world horror title!

It has been said for some time now that SCE Bend Studio was working on a new title; however, nothing else was known about it.

Until a known industry insider, Shinobi, dropped a line about it on a NeoGAF Forum. Here’s what he said exactly:

Open world horror. That’s it for now. Last thing I need on my doorstep are Sony assassins.

Well, the part about Sony assassins would be interesting.

That being said, he also made a referring to the same game that Bend Studio is working on while comparing it to Horizon, the alleged new IP of Guerilla Games. He commented about Horizon not coming out next year saying ‘…it’s not next year. I don’t even think Sony needs it to be honest. People still haven’t seen Bend’s game.’


From where I can see, this means that the next title to come out from Bend Studio is going to be an open world horror and it will come out next year.

In the end, while the source of the information is a known insider and many of his leaks have been proven to be true, he is still not the official source. I think it would be advisable that we wait for the Bend Studio to shed some light on it.

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