Sony Bend Working On A New AAA Project, Job Listing Reveals

These days when someone says, Sony Bend they mean Days Gone because at the moment, Days Gone is one of the most anticipated titles in the works that fans really can’t seem to take off their attention from. Or perhaps Sony Bend has not said anything other than the expected, which could take eyes away from their upcoming title. Well, now there is something that just might interest you for the better. A recent Job listing by Sony Bend seems to suggest that the company is working on a new AAA Project.

The job listing has been made available for you to see, a lot of extra details regarding the requirement of the job have been discussed there among which, what seems to have caught the attention is the description line that says:

“We are seeking a Senior Concept Artist who will contribute to the artistic vision and development of an AAA product”

With all that said, the information about the AAA title in the works is pretty thin at the moment, in fact, this Job listing is the only source of information at this point. So it would be way too early, even for the company to reveal any heavy detail as early as this.

Considering Days Gone wont be rolling out until February next year, it would be a safe bet that we wont be hearing more news regarding this new AAA title. However, it would also be safe to assume that the studio will definitely be moving back and forth with these two titles in the work, Days Gone and the Unannounced AAA title.

If you wish to take more juice out of this Job listing, then we can deduce that since the job is for the Senior Concept Artist, who shall be contributing to the artistic vision, colors in the game will perhaps be one of the prime focus, on this unannounced AAA title.

Also, the fact that it is mentioned as a new AAA title and not an old one does comes of as a bummer, to a lot of fans.

What are your thoughts about Sony Bend working on a new AAA title? Let us know in the comments below.