Sony Announces New PS4 Headset With Noise Reduction

Sony has just announced a new official wired stereo headset for PlayStation 4 that will be available starting from December and will be priced €90.

Using AudioShield technology for noise reduction, the headset will not only be compatible with PS4 through the DualShock 4 controllers but can also be used with other devices such as smartphones, PS Vita and tablets thanks to the standard 3.5mm connector.

Like other headphones for PS4, this one will also feature a microphone and will have volume controls on the cable. However, perhaps the most interesting thing about this new headphone is the fact that even though it is wired, it still has a rechargeable battery that can supposedly last around 15 hours.

According to the video released for the headphones, the battery will be used for the noise reducing feature which makes one wonder exactly what kind of reduction does it offer since there have been headsets in the past that provide that option without a battery.

More details can be seen here.

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