Sony Announces eSports Platforms for PlayStation 4 in Italy

The eSports scene keeps getting kicks to growth with every passing day; we have seen the spectators grow from hundreds to thousands to millions; we have seen the self sponsored events get sponsored by the actual big fish of the market and we have seen the prize pools grow by a multifold.

However, the best part of the growth of competitive gaming has been the increase in competitiveness and the greater involvement of the gaming community as well as major companies in the extravaganza.

Sony started officiating things some time ago when they launched an eSports platform for the PlayStation 4 users in Spain and now they are taking the endeavours up another notch by launching a dedicated eSports platform for the Italian competitive gamers.

Announced at a press conference that was being held at the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium, Milan, the league will be called PlayStation Italian League.

The marketing manager of Sony Computer Entertainment Italy, Marco Saletta, said at the event that PlayStation 4 has a significant share in the market and among the competitive gaming community which is why they were going to take it upon themselves to support the region.

A new website is supposed to go live for the PlayStation Italian League tomorrow. By logging in through their PSN ID and password, the players will be able to stay connected with the upcoming tournaments and events that the league will host.

Apart from simply providing a platform to take part in the tournaments, it will also promote communication between the two players who are supposed to go up against each other by allowing them to befriend each other.

So far Battlefield: Hardline and FIFA 15 have been announced for tournaments with prizes while, Driveclub and The Last of Us: Remastered are going to be up for tournaments with no prizes.

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