Fans Believe Sony’s Acquiring Kojima Productions

There is growing speculation in some circles that Sony Interactive Entertainment is possibly acquiring Kojima Productions, the independent studio of acclaimed game designer and Metal Creator creator Hideo Kojima.

The speculation stems from a new PlayStation Studios banner that went up earlier today. Besides a few updates to a couple of existing designs, the banner noticeably removes Concrete Genie for Death Stranding.

Death Stranding was a PlayStation console exclusive but is not a first-party game from PlayStation Studios. Its inclusion in a banner that features first-party PlayStation franchises is being taken as a hint of an announcement in the making.

It should be noted that Sony updated the same banner with Returnal and the Demon’s Souls remake only after it had officially acquired Housemarque and Bluepoint Games respectively. Seeing Death Stranding up there now has convinced several fans that Kojima Productions is going to officially join PlayStation Studios in the days to come.

Incidentally, Kojima Productions relocated just a couple of weeks back to a larger and spacious office after around five years since its formation. That office upgrade is also being taken by fans as another clue that leads to Sony welcoming Kojima into its first-party folds.

Kojima Productions is confirmed to be presently working on two unannounced projects. The first one is Death Stranding 2 which was confirmed by actor Norman Reedus last year to be “in negotiations.” Reedus is expected to reveal the sequel at The Game Awards 2022 but an announcement could come beforehand.

The second one is “a radical project” that appears to be Kojima testing the waters for something new.

Also, last year, Kojima Productions and Microsoft were rumored to be finalizing a deal for a cloud-powered game exclusive to Xbox Series X. Whether that is still in play remains to be seen.

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