Sony Accidentally Deletes Participant Database of Anniversary PS4 Contest

It’s surprising how blunders are trending these days, actually I find it pretty hilarious. First Capcom listed Resident Evil Revelations 2 on Steam and its description led everyone to believe that the PC version has offline multiplayer.

We later came to know that wasn’t the case and Capcom had to issue an apology. Now, something even more ridiculous has happened over at Sony. You probably know about the limited Anniversary edition PS4, the one themed after the original PlayStation from back in the 90’s.

Sony recently held a contest for players in Japan and gave them a chance to win the special edition console. All they had to do is buy a Vita, PS4, PS3 or Vita Tv between December 4 to January 15 – for a chance to participate. Those who did got-in, will be more than disappointed to know that Sony has somehow managed to lose all of contestant information.

Everything is deleted and according to Sony it can’t be recovered, Oops!

Here’s their official apology: “Our deepest apologies for the trouble we have caused to those who entered the previous campaign.”

The Japanese tech giant didn’t mention who is responsible for this or how it was deleted. I would call it a blunder, but that would just be an understatement. Sony is asking users to re-enter the contest and provide all the necessary information via forms on Sony’s website.

Let’s hope they won’t lose the entire database for the second time.

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