How To Get The Tactical Axe In Sons Of The Forest

The Tactical Axe is the first melee weapon that you will come across in Sons of the Forest. You will need this in order to survive the Island.

It is one of the three axes that you will acquire in the game, the other two being the Modern Axe and the Firefighter Axe. Compared to them, the Tactical Axe is not that great but still good enough to help you survive the first day and night in Sons of the Forest.

With that being said, keep in mind that the Tactical Axe cannot be upgraded. You just have to keep it until you find a better axe in the game.

Sons of the Forest Tactical Axe location 

In the beginning act of the game, your helicopter will be ambushed, and you will fall off it. You then need to collect all the supplies from the wreckage site. This will include items like the emergency pack which you can store in your backpack inventory.  

The Tactical Axe will be in the emergency kit. So you need to simply access your inventory first and then select the “Emergency Pack” next. It will be a transparent bag on the right side of your inventory. 

Then you need to rotate the gear by clicking it to open the emergency pack. After that, the pack will open revealing some items along with the Tactical Axe. So you can select it and equip it into your inventory. 

This way you will get the Tactical Axe in the Sons of the Forest, so be sure to make use of it as you will need it for your survival on the Island.