How To Survive The First Day And Night In Sons Of The Forest

The moment you step foot on the island, it is a race to figure out how to survive the first day and night in Sons of the Forest.

If you are only thinking about the day, think again because when the sun goes down, all sorts of dangerous mutants and cannibals come out of hiding. Your Sons of the Forest nights are going to be extra dangerous. Hence, your survival skills and resource management are going to be put to test.

As you progress through the game, set up a base point, and build up a sufficient resource reserve, surviving the night becomes easier and easier. However, your biggest challenge will be surviving the very first night that you set foot in the world of Sons of the Forest.

You will ease your progress through the game should you effectively manage your first night. Keeping certain things in mind and prioritizing certain tasks in the early game will help you do so.

Tips to survive the first day and night in Sons of the Forest

In preparation for your first night of survival in the Sons of the Forest, you can’t just haphazardly go about wasting the daytime. You must complete certain tasks before nightfall or else wait for your inevitable downfall.

Loot the crash site

Something many players overlook is completely scavenging the original crash site. You can find all sorts of resources that get you through the initial few stages of the game.

Search every single crate that you can find here. One thing to take note of here is to not hold the E key since it will consume any food or medical item straightaway. Instead, only tap the E key to add the item to your inventory.

Open your backpack by pressing the I key, now hover over the emergency pack, and select it to open. This gives you access to the GPS and the Tactical Axe.

Both items are essential to your survival, the GPS acts as the map for the entire area, while the axe will prove to be a solid weapon and wood resource collector.

Collect food supplies

Can you imagine yourself wandering the pitch-black night forest, in search of food supplies whilst being chased by all sorts of morphed creatures? An absolute no.

Therefore, keep yourself ahead of the curve and prepare food supplies beforehand during the daytime. Food can be obtained from several sources. Look for berry bushes or try hunting some animals for meat, anything to get you through the night.

This is especially important as you will be unable to find most animals during nighttime as many creatures burrow to seek shelter. You should also consider preparing and cooking the food beforehand, so your campfire doesn’t draw attention during the night. You will also have ready-to-eat food that you can eat to heal yourself as well.

Animal meat can be cooked by first obtaining the meat by harvesting a hunted animal, the animal must be skinned to do so. Then a campfire must be set up and ignited to cook the meat over it.

Instructions and resources required for placing a campfire can be found inside the Guide Book.

Set up Camp

Every survival game revolves around the construction of your very own fortress to defend against all the terrors and hold your resources. Sons of the Forest is no exception to the case and building a solid structure can go a long way in your quest for survival.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same will be the case for your fortress. A solid camp that acts as a stronghold will be extremely resource and time intensive meaning it can’t be set in one night.

So, for your first night in Sons of the forest, you are to set up a makeshift shelter to last you a few nights until you permanently set camp at your decided destination.

You are to open your Guide Book and select the Hunting Shelter to place down at your desired location. The Guide Book can be accessed through your inventory.

You will need to acquire a few resources to complete the structure. Place down the blueprint on a spot and collect the required sticks, rocks, and wood logs required to construct it.

The Hunting Shelter will also you to save your progress by creating a Save File and allow you to sleep and spend the night there.

Have a water supply nearby

Water is as important as any resource in Sons of the Forest since you will need a constant supply to replenish your hydration bar which depletes every so often.

Carrying water long distances in Sons of the Forest is a hassle and extremely impractical. Therefore, we suggest setting up your camp near a lake or river to meet your constant water requirement.

Water bodies also help make navigation easier, so if you ever find yourself lost and unable to find your base you can always use the lake or river to find your base.

Best base location to survive the night

There are several base locations for you to consider when it comes to base building. To save you time, we have found a very useful spot to help you survive the first few nights in Sons of the Forest.

The area is inside a cave area that can be used as an initial base area since it does not pose any great threats to you from inside.

You can navigate toward the cave by using the lake marked on the map below as a reference point. Make your way toward this marked lake to continue toward the cave.

Now once you reach this lake, open your GPS once more and look for a glowing green beacon closest to you. Follow it to lead you toward the cave entrance.

You can identify the correct area by locating the golf cart present just before the entrance to the cave. This cave will prove to be an overpowered location for the first few nights of the game.

Head toward the cave entrance and hold E to crawl inside. You will unable to use the GPS inside due to the loss in signal. Turn on your lighter to guide you through the darkness.

As continue straight you will eventually reach a corridor leading up to a 3D printer room. Follow the tunnel to enter the room and scavenge it for resources.

You can stock on a ton of arrows and use the 3D Printer to make yourself a Mask and Flask. The flask will be useful for holding fresh water from the lake nearby.

You will also have a red bed inside the 3D Printing room that you can use to save your progress.

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