How To Craft Spear In Sons Of The Forest

Spear is imporatnt for hunting down animal and clearing block entrances, making crafting spear in Sons of the Forest essential.

Spear is a weapon in Sons of the Forest that you can craft early on. This weapon is vital in getting you some food to cook and even breaking blockages on caves entrances. All these things make it necessary for you to know how to craft a spear in Sons of the Forest.

How to craft a Spear to hunt

The following are the materials needed to craft a spear and how you would acquire these things.

  • Knife
  • Duct Tape
  • Sticks x2

The Knife is easier to get than others because you won’t have to hunt for this. This material is given to you by default from the start of the game. So, don’t worry; you can’t drop or discard this item. 

For Duct Tape, travel to the helicopter crash in the area. Search the whole site for a blue circle thing as you are there. Because this blue circle thing is probably the Duct Tape you are looking for.

Getting Sticks is easier than Duct Tape because you can find them lying on the ground. Another way to get some Sticks is to cut down some trees. You can do it by equipping the axe via inventory and using it on the trees.

All you have to do is press X on fallen branches to get Sticks. Watch for fallen trees because you will get a maximum of 5x Sticks in Sons of the Forest.


The crafting phase comes after you have gotten all the materials mentioned above needed to craft a spear in Sons of the Forest. Mark the Knife, Duct Tape, and Sticks in your inventory. By doing this, you will be viewing all materials on the screen. Now look for the gear option on the screen and click it. 

By clicking it, you begin the crafting process. In a few seconds, you have a spear to use. With a spear, you can hunt for food by killing animals. Especially you can catch fish in Sons of the Forest quite easily using a spear.

You can also look for resources in the caves, which will be very useful for survival. We recommended at least crafting this weapon early in the game, or else you will face difficulty surviving. 

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