How To Play With Friends In Sons Of The Forest

Surviving on a cannibal-infested island is hard enough, but it gets even harder with random players on the same island. Fortunately, Sons of the Forest allows you to survive by allowing you to play multiplayer with your friends. To do so, you must make your Sons of the Forest multiplayer server and invite your friends to the server. So you can start your journey and survive together on the island.

How to host a Sons of the Forest server

Hosting your server in Sons of the Forest is relatively easy. You can play in Singleplayer and Multiplayer when you enter the game’s main menu. Enter the multiplayer, and here, you again have the option to either Join a Server or Host a Server. Select Host your server to get started.

When you enter the Host your Server section, a new menu will open that allows you to set your server’s parameters. The critical parameters you need to consider are the number of players joining your server and whether the server is public open, or private.

Your server can hold up to 8 players maximum at a time. Other than that, you can set the limit lower, and whatever limit you set, only that number of payers can join your server in that session. 

Next, if you don’t want randoms to join your server, you can set your server to private. This also allows you to set a password for your server, and only those friends who have a direct invite and the password can enter your server and play Sons of the Forest with you.

Keep in mind that if you are hosting a server, the data for the server will ONLY save on your device, not with the other players. Secondly, the server will only work if you are playing or have the server running on your device. If you turn the game off, all the other players will disconnect and won’t be able to log in again until you invite them.

As of now, there is no Sons of the Forest dedicated server option but given the game just came out in early access, we will probably be able to create dedicated servers in perhaps a few months.

How to invite friends for co-op

Now that your server is running let’s look at how you can invite your friends to join your server and play with you in Sons of the Forest.

With your server ready, you can invite your friends. You have the “Invite Friends” option at the bottom of your screen. This allows you to search the steam IDs of all your friends and invite them to your server.

Other than this, you can tell your friends the name and password of your server and allow them to search for your private server. Private servers are never available by default, and you need to search for them. Type the server name in the Join a Server tab, and you will see the server you want to join.

Once you invite the server or have found the server, you can enter the password for the server and play the game with your friends in Sons of the Forest.

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