How To Get The Modern Axe In Sons Of The Forest

When it comes to axes in Sons of the Forest, the Modern Axe is the best axe to get because of its fast chopping speed.

The Modern Axe is one of many axes you can find in Sons of the Forest. The game starts off with the Tactical Axe which will serve you well for the first few hours, however, you will soon to find a better axe to improve your survival chances.

The Modern Axe has been hailed by many to be the best axe in the game for acquiring wood resources. This is because it can strike down trees in a flash, beating its other counterparts in speed.

The Modern Axe is also an effective weapon in the Sons of the Forest, only losing out to the Firefighter Axe in terms of raw power. Considering its versatility, it’s best to acquire the Modern Axe as quickly as you can, so follow along as the guide below takes you to its exact location.

Sons of the Forest Modern Axe location

You have to make your way to the location marked on the map below to find the Sons of the Forest Modern Axe in an abandoned camping site.

This is unlike other weapons in the game, where you must explore deep within caves to obtain them.

You can find the Modern Axe pretty close to the area where you acquired the Flashlight. If you haven’t already found the Flashlight, you can navigate to the area by traveling toward the helicopter crash site.

You can then follow toward the Purple Marker closest to the area and move toward the road where the campsite is located.

How to get the Modern Axe

Make your way to the helicopter crash site from the initial stages of the game. From there you can start to head toward the purple marker on your minimap. Once you reach the marker’s location head southwards to find yourself on a road. Use your map to travel towards the brown line indicating the road.

Follow the path for a bit until you find a small campsite in between the route. You will find a few corpses and determine that the campsite has been attacked and deserted.

The area is easy to identify once you get close since you’ll hear music from a radio playing.

Search the corpses in the campsite until you find one pierced through its chest with an axe. Move close to it and interact with it to add the Modern Axe to your inventory.

You can then choose to equip it by opening the inventory. Since your other axe will be equipped at the moment, you must add the Modern Axe to your backpack to add it in your quick select rotation.

There are three tents here to explore so aside from the Modern Axe there are plenty more resources to obtain from the area. Stuff like C4s, Flares, Grenades, and Batteries can also be looted from the area.

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