How To Lock Doors In Sons Of The Forest

Guarding your base from others in Sons of the Forest can be tough but we are here to tell you how to lock doors so no one else can get in.

As players build their bases in Sons of the Forest, they wish to lock the doors, so there is no chance of enemies entering. Unfortunately, the game didn’t offer you any such feature. But you don’t have to worry, as we have come up with a couple of ways to lock doors in Sons of the Forest for you so you can save your stuff from enemies.

How to lock doors in Sons of the Forest

Unfortunately, Sons of the Forest doesn’t offer any direct system through which players can lock the doors. However, does this mean you’ll have to leave the doors unlocked and wait for the enemies to come and attack you as you relax? While the game doesn’t offer any direct way, there are still some ways that players can adopt to make sure that enemies don’t approach them.

Below we have highlighted two methods to lock your doors in Sons of the Forest to prevent unwanted entry.

First method

The first strategy to lock or block doors involves the use of logs. In this strategy, all you need to do is get a log and place it in front of the door, thus preventing enemies from entering. For this, first, players must craft a door and then fetch a log which you can do using an Axe in Sons of the Forest.

Once the log has been fetched, place it at the base. Here, it would be best if you made sure that the log is straight up with the door when you have put it in the base of the door. Although, for now, this method works pretty well, there’s another thing that you can do to avoid the enemy’s attack at your base.

Second method

In this, players must make a base on the second floor of some building instead of the ground floor whenever they decide to build their base. The AI of enemies in Sons of the Forest is set so that they won’t bother climbing upstairs and will go without checking for your base.

However, as there are still some upgrades happening in Sons of the Forest, we should all expect these enemies to come upstairs shortly to add some more crispiness.

Moreover, in this method, you can place some extra logs in the base and place them in place of the door. In this way, your base will not have any entrance, but you can remove the logs and enter it anytime you want.