How To Assign Hotkeys In Sons Of The Forest  

In Sons of the Forest, players fight different battles to survive on the cannibal-infested island. The game features many weapons, and it can be quite a task for players to equip the right weapon at the right time. That is where hotkeys come in and the Sons of the Forest hotkeys assist players in equipping the weapons swiftly without opening the inventory and doing the entire thing.

However, initially, in the game, hotkeys are unavailable, and players have to open up the entire inventory to set everything up before they can consider taking on enemies. Here we will explain how Hotkeys in the Sons of the Forest can be beneficial for use and how to assign and use these hotkeys.

How to use Hotkeys in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest features a variety of weapons, and it can be very dangerous for you to open up the inventory and look for the right weapon during combat. This may give your enemy an advantage, and they can attack you as you are trying to equip the weapon.

Hotkeys help players to equip a weapon without opening up their inventory and, therefore, can save time. Hotkeys can be assigned to weapons in Sons of the Forest that you think are required during combat.

Assigning hotkeys to your favorite weapons is not difficult and allows you to easily equip them during battle by pressing that key. Here are the steps you need to do to assign Hotkeys in Sons of the Forest to different weapons.

  • Open up your inventory.
  • Take the cursor to the weapon or any other item you want to hotkey.
  • A small empty box will appear with two options: “Equips” and “Combine.”
  • Press the number on the keyboard from 0-9.
  • Hotkey will be assigned to the weapon, and the previously empty box will be filled with a hotkey.

Doing this will assign a hotkey to a particular weapon. You can now use these hotkeys to equip different weapons during combat without opening up the inventory.