How To Make A Fish Trap In Sons Of The Forest

As Sons of The Forest is a survival-oriented game, it will teach you the most common survival practice like how to feed yourself. You will do a lot of energy-intensive tasks so you will get hungry quite often.

Talking of food, the island is filled with prey that you can catch for food like fish, birds, rabbits, or squirrels. Among those, Sons of The Forest fish is the best source of food you can get your hands on.

The fish, however, can be found naturally in rivers, ponds, and lakes and can be caught by building a Fish Trap. After catching, Cooking fish is rather easy as it just involves building the campfire and placing the fish on top.

How to make a Fish Trap in Sons of the Forest

Building a Fish Trap is a two-step process. Once you are done making a Fishing Trap, you must then find a good location to place it to catch the most fish.

The first thing you will need to do is open the Guide Book and navigate to the craftable blueprints section by pressing the “X” button. From there, head into the “Traps” section and select Fish Trap from the menu.

To craft Sons of the Forest Fish Trap, you will only need 25x Sticks. As the island is littered with a bunch of Sticks and fallen trees, you will not have a hard time collecting these.

The next step is to find a body of water like a lake, river, or stream. Now that you have all the items to build the Fishing Trap, let’s build one by first clicking the Fish Trap from the Guidebook.

After that, you need to press “E” repeatedly on the console until the Fish Trap comes in shape. Once you craft the Fishing Trap for the first time, you will always find it in your inventory later on.

Place the Fishing Trap

Now that you have successfully crafted Sons of The Forest Fishing Trap, the next thing is to actually put it to work. For that, you need to first select a spot carefully in the water and place it.

To access the Fishing Trap you crafted earlier, you need to head into the traps section of the Guide Book. As soon as you select that, an outline will start to appear on the screen. Move that outline where you want the trap to be placed.

The next step is to press “E” repeatedly until the trap is built. Keep in mind that you need sticks each time you build a trap in a new place and you can build as many as you want.

How to use a Fishing Trap

Just like fishing in real life, there is not much you can do after placing the trap other than wait around at the campfire, Sons of The Forest does not give any tutorial in the Guide Book on how to fish therefore you need to use common sense here.

For the fish to get in the trap, you need to give it a little bit of time. It might take a little bit of time so you can leave the trap and come back later. While you are out exploring and waiting for the fish to come, you can gather ingredients for the cooking.

If you get lucky when you come back and catch a fish, you can interact and claim it in the Craft Box Trap.

If you are not getting lucky, you might find the fish trap not working but that’s never the case. That said, you can also increase the odds by putting the trap in narrow streams where you can visibly.

For that, you can try other methods like Spear or Axe Fishing as a last-ditch effort. This method, however, requires you to have a clear body of water where you can actually see the fish swimming.

Choosing narrow streams, for example, is good because there will be fewer places for the fish to run.

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