How To Get The Crossbow In Sons Of The Forest

In Sons of the Forest, you will come across a lot of items and discover weapons during your search on the Island. One of these is the Crossbow which makes up for a great hunting weapon.

Being a ranged weapon, you can use this to hunt cannibals and animals from a certain distance and kill them with ease. The crossbow uses bolts in terms of crossbow ammo which you can find at different locations during your journey in the game.

However, finding the crossbow comes with its challenges as well. You will have to obtain essential items to acquire this weapon.

Sons of the Forest Crossbow location 

The Crossbow is in an underground bunker in the northwestern part of the Island. This bunker is found below a cave. The location of this cave can be found on your map radar as it will be indicated with a green dot.

However, take note that you need to do is to get the Shovel first and then the Maintenance Keycard next, before venturing out on obtaining the Sons of the Forest Crossbow.

How to get the Crossbow

Once you have the Maintenance Keycard you will have to make your way toward the underground Hydroponic garden lab. You will find it in the cave-like bunker near the helicopter crash site.

There will be a narrow opening at the entrance of the cave through which you can squeeze. After entering the cave and proceed along the tunnel until you reach the end. There you will find a ladder leading further downwards into the bunker room.

As you proceed to the right end you will find a door that will require the maintenance key to unlock. Use the Maintenance Keycard here and move forward. After crossing the first room enter the second one. There you will see three shelves on the right end. There will be a dead body at the right end of the second shelf so go towards it.

Once you approach it you will be presented with the option to take the crossbow. So this way you will get the crossbow in Sons of the Forest. You can also find three arrows on the left side of the shelves as well.

This weapon will be added to your inventory. The crossbow will make for a great hunting weapon and will improve your hunting abilities as well in the SoTF.

Where to find more Crossbow ammo

After you discover the Crossbow at the bunker, you will be able to get some of the crossbow ammo from there as well. If you move towards the left end you will see three bolts impaled on the left side of the shelves near the entrance of the third room.

The Crossbow makes up for a deadly weapon as it allows you to shoot bolts at your target. However, you can’t craft the Crossbow ammo and you will have to retrieve it after firing them.

Instead, these Crossbow bolts will respawn on the map for you to get as well. You can also get them by exploring the caves for supplies or in some cases through the ammo cases in Sons of the Forest.