How To Get The Chainsaw In Sons Of The Forest

The Sons of the Forest Chainsaw is your ultimate tool when it comes to chopping down woods and mutants. This weapon is not the best melee weapon in combat, but it is a different scenario when you utilize Chainsaw to collect essential resources for your survival.

Your survival depends on several things in the Sons of the Forest, including building defensive Walls, setting Campfires, and making Shelters. All these items have one thing in common, and that is wood.

You need to cut tons of trees to collect enough wood for your survival, and no other tool, not even the Firefighter Axe, comes close to the efficiency of the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest. So it becomes essential to add this weapon to your inventory.

Sons of the Forest Chainsaw location

The Chainsaw is located in the western part of the map. You are just required to follow the marked location to reach a small crack inside a wall.

It is better to have a Flashlight in this situation as the area surrounding the Chainsaw is quite dark and haunting. You need to reach the Movie Theatre through the swimming pool room. The Sons of the Forest Chainsaw sits on a yellow bean bag next to a corpse.

How to get the Chainsaw

Obtaining the Chainsaw after acquiring the essential key cards is very straightforward. You need two types of cards here to access the final location of the tool.

You need the Maintenance Keycard to enter the facility. You can obtain the card using a Shovel to find an underground Bunker that also provides you with a 3D Printer in Sons of the Forest. Utilize the card on the first door that comes to your right after walking the hallway.

After unlocking the first door, head straight to the gym and find the stairs that take you toward the swimming pool room. You will come across a locked door on the right side of the room. You need to use the Guest Key Card acquired from the Nightclub room to open your way.

Now move straight from here, crossing all the gruesome dead bodies and reach the Movie Theatre room. Explore the room, and the corpse will be there, sitting with your prize. You just have to use E to add the Chainsaw to your weapons inventory in Sons of the Forest.

You can equip it the same way as you utilize other weapons such as the Revolver, Shotgun, and Machete in Sons of the Forest.

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