How To Change Arrow Type In Sons Of The Forest

Sons of the Forest puts you on a stranded island infested with cannibals. To survive there, you will need weapons like a bow and arrows. Throughout the island, you will find different types of arrows that you can craft or loot. This guide will cover all types of arrows and guide you through how to change different arrow types in Sons of the Forest.  

Different Arrow types in Sons of the Forest

You can easily craft a bow to shoot arrows. But, you will have to struggle to find and craft arrows. There are arrows that you can easily craft, but for some of them, you will need to put in the extra effort. The different types of arrows you can have in Sons of the Forest include stone and fiber arrows.

For crafting arrows, you can even use a 3D Printer which requires you to find Resins for crafting arrows in Sons of the Forest.

Each arrow gives a different amount of damage to the enemies. The one you find in supplies gives the most damage, while the one you craft with sticks does less damage to the enemy. You will need to use more of them to take out enemies in Sons of the Forest.

How to switch between arrow types

If you have different types of arrows in Sons of the Fores, you can use any of them as you like. But most players don’t know how to use different arrow types while fighting. They think they must head into inventory and select the arrow type from there.

But that is not the case. You can easily change arrow types in Sons of the Forest without returning to the inventory.

  • First, you should have at least two different types of arrows in your inventory.
  • When you equip a bow in your hands, you will probably have the last arrow type you used.
  • While handing the bow, just look down.
  • Press “R” while looking down, and you can cycle through different types of arrows in seconds without heading into the inventory.
  • Take the arrow you like and use them to kill your enemy.

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