Sonic Rangers Rumored To Be A Zelda-Inspired Button-Masher

Sonic Rangers is reportedly the new Sonic game which publisher Sega recently teased during a livestream to celebrate three decades of the blue hedgehog.

Sega only confirmed that developer Sonic Team has been working on a new installment but a following press release accidentally revealed (via Eurogamer) the game to be called Sonic Rangers. That holds importance because as some internet sleuths discovered, a post on 4chan from earlier in the year (via ResetEra) not only leaked the same title but also several more details.

Sonic Rangers will apparently feature a massive open-world filled to the brim with platforming puzzles and challenges, and numerous enemies and bosses to fight against. The game will feature role-playing elements such as a skill tree which allows players to unlock new abilities by gaining experience points. There will also be Sonic Generations-like levels where players have to go against the clock and run as fast as possible to earn Chaos Emeralds for further progression.

The anonymous play-tester behind the leak further stated that the game was actually “rough” and not really “fun” at the time. Sonic Rangers apparently takes “heavy inspiration” from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

There were a lot of “Ubisoft towers with annoying Korok rip-offs” which need to be done to unlock new areas. The boss battles were incredibly linear and “stupid easy” to do. The combat itself was “super boring” and “very button mashy” and as such, players can just keep mashing a single button to beat enemies.

Take note that the leak happened for an early build. Sonic Team has probably acted on feedback and addressed presented concerns since then. The game should hence be in a better state as far as gameplay is concerned.

Sonic Rangers will be releasing for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch somewhere in 2022.

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