Sonic Mania Tips and Strategy Guide – Extra Lives, Special Stages, Boss Tips

This Sonic Mania Tips and Strategy Guide will give you a lot of helpful tips to rack up higher scores and to beat the time limit across the various levels available in Sonic Mania.

Sonic is not only one of the most famous games in history but also one of the most complex, requiring fast reaction times and critical thinking. So read on to make your play through a little less hectic.

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Sonic Mania Tips and Strategy Guide

This Sonic Mania Tips and Strategy Guide will help you earn high scores and complete all the levels without any difficulty.

Sonic Mania Tips and Strategies

Focus less on your character and more on the road ahead when in high speed to increase chances of survival. Prioritize rings over Spheres as they keep you in the stage for a longer amount of time and thus increase your chance of getting to the UFO. Make sure you take your time in the lower levels.

Every 100 rings you collect give you an extra life so it is better if you store up on lives in the earlier levels as the difficulty gets much harder in the later levels.

Don’t Stop Practicing!

Get to the special stages by finding giant golden rings hidden in each level. Special stages have a 3d map in which you chase down a UFO by collecting spheres to speed up and rings to slow down. Play these stages the same way as you play the main game to maximize your speed and to collect as many rings as possible.

Get to the bonus stages by passing a star post, if you have enough rings, you can jump to a star circle that appears above the post. In those, you have to collect blue spheres and avoid red ones. Collect all the blue spheres to earn a silver medallion. Collect all the blue spheres and all the rings to earn a gold medallion. When you get hit, make sure to jump so you can collect as many of your rings which are scattering as possible.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Stay on the main track as the dirt tracks will slow you down.
  • Learning how to effectively jump will help you avoid obstacles and paths which slow you.
  • Using the drop dash effectively is a good way to speed through vulnerable enemies but make sure you use it correctly as it can cause a lot of problems for you if done at the wrong time.
  • Branching paths may slow you down, but they contain most of the stage’s collectible goodies. It is advisable to take the branching paths and then use the optimal path to catch up to the UFO.

This Sonic Mania Tips and Strategy Guide is very good for players who are new to sonic games and want to know how to stand out in a game that has been around for decades. Even more experienced players can learn a thing or two about prioritizing items and effective strategies. So get ready and get rolling!

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