Sonic Mania Mean Bean Mini Game Guide

This Sonic Mania Mean Bean Mini Game Guide will help you unlock the Mean Bean Mini Game, and give you tips on how to complete it. Nostalgia is perhaps the most definitive way to describe the new Sonic Mania.

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Sonic Mania Mean Bean Mini Game

This new mini-game owes its heart and soul to the PuyoPuyo and is a fully fledged version of the Chemical Plant Zone Act 2. One of the best things about this mini game is the ability to play with friends.

Unlocking Mean Bean Mini Game

If you have collected 25 rings in any level, you can activate the Get Blue spheres mini game from any checkpoint.

Activate this game and then keep on collecting Blue Spheres which are scattered throughout the level. The purpose of this is to earn a high scoring medal. Unlocking the Mean Bean game requires a lot of hard work and grinding but the reward makes it worth it.

These medals allow you to unlock different items in the extras menu of the game. These medals are one of the new features in Sonic Mania to distinguish it from the classic Sonic and can be used for various purposes.

The exact number of spheres required to open this mini game is unknown but it is a decent amount so you will probably need a fair bit of time to collect them all.

The Mean Bean mini-game is like the PuyoPuyo and includes not only five different speeds, but also the option to play against AI or other players which mean that this game can be even more fun if you have friends, not to say that it is not fun alone!

This Sonic Mania guide helps you unlock one of the many extras available in the game. The extras are surely a great addition to keep players interested.

The various mini games available for Sonic Mania offer a lot of options right now for playing Sonic in different ways so make sure that you check out all the other extras available.

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