Sonic Mania Drop Dash Guide

The new Sonic Mania has a host of different features to distinguish it from the original sonic. One of these new features is the Drop Dash move. This Sonic Mania Drop Dash Guide will help you learn to master this move, as it is very important to zip past vulnerable enemies and for many other things.

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Sonic Mania Drop Dash

Drop Dash move is exclusive to Sonic. Since Knuckles can break through walls and glide while Tails can fly, Sonic is the only one who gets this new move

In many ways, Sonic’s Drop Dash is similar to his Spin Dash in the classic Sonic games.

However, this ability does not require any charging up which makes it much quicker than the Spin Dash in exchange for a little less power. Sonic’s Drop Dash should be used to clear gaps while you are moving forward and to get past through obstacles quickly.

Performing the Drop Dash is not very tricky. Simply hold down your action button while Sonic is in mid-air and keep holding until he lands.

Your action button is the button which you use to perform tasks such as activating your shield, Knuckles’ glide move, and Tail’s flying move.

Timing Tips

The main difficulty in Drop Dashing is getting the timing right. Activating it at the wrong time can easily lead to loss of a life. The best way to learn to do that is to keep on playing the game as ‘Practice Makes Perfect’.

A complex mechanic like the Drop Dash requires you to use it for a few hours before you have complete mastery over it.

So make sure that you use the Drop Dash in the easier levels to be acquainted with its mechanics and fundamentals, as it will surely help you in the harder levels.

Most of the remixed levels in Sonic Mania have been updated to account for the changes in Sonic’s ability.

Having fast reactions and the muscle memory to activate Drop Dash quickly is a fundamental skill that every Sonic Player must learn.

What’s good is that you can still use the Spin Dash. A good Sonic player will make use of both of the skills to glide through the levels effortlessly.

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