Sonic Mania Bosses Guide

This Sonic Mania Boss Guide covers everything the players will have to deal with and worry about when facing the bosses in Sonic Mania and how best to counter each boss in the two acts of every zone.

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Sonic Mania Bosses

The game throws a number of bosses at the player in Acts one and two of the playable zones so the list of bosses players will have to deal with is extensive.

Pendulum Boss
Location: Green Hill Zone Act 1

This is a pretty simple boss and easy to beat. As the name suggests, it acts like a pendulum with the upper robot bot swinging the lower one around. Players will have to jump around and make sure they land on the ball that isn’t orange.

Doing this enough times will result in only one ball remaining, starting the phase 2 of the boss fight. During phase 2, players need to make sure they don’t attack when the ball is hopping around and orange. Once the ball stops moving and is no longer orange, players need to jump attack it twice and the boss will be defeated.

Walking Mech Eggman Boss
Location: Green Hill Zone Act 2

This boss is also simple as players simply have to run and stay ahead of the oncoming mech boss while avoiding the bomb he throws out. To avoid his extending arm, players need to jump and attack from above.

The arm can also be used against the boss as players can jump on it, run up the arm and get closer to the boss. Repeating this a number of times will blow up the mech and players will have defeated the boss.

Water Diving Boss
Location: Chemical Plant Zone Act 1

This boss emerges from the water and bounces around a bit before finally stopping and shooting a bunch of projectiles at the player. As soon as players enter the area, they need to wait at one side of the screen until the boss emerges and then run under it when it is bouncing around.

When the boss finally stops bouncing, its shields will be lowered and players can use their jump attack to damage it. However, they need to make sure they hit the boss from the top to avoid the projectiles. Alternatively, players can also wait until the boss has fired its projectiles and then jump on it before it dives back into the water.

Puyo Puyo Eggman
Location: Chemical Plant Zone Act 2

Players can’t physically attack this version of Eggman and need to beat him in a game of Puyo Puyo. To beat Eggman, players need to join four or more shapes of the same color to send them to Eggman’s play area. Sending enough shapes will eventually cause Eggman to run out of room and players will win the boss fight.

Flying Boss
Location: Studiopolis Act 1

This boss has an army of flying minions that chase the players. Players also need to avoid the orange missiles that comes towards them by jumping over them however if the missile is blue, players need to jump on top of it which forces the missile to go towards the main helicopter which happens to be the boss. Repeating this a number of times will finally defeat the boss.

Egg TV Boss
Location: Studiopolis Act 2

This boss uses a number of different weathers to attack the players. Depending on the screen, they will have to either face off against rain, lightning, high temperatures or winds. If players get hit by lightning, they will be electrocuted so players need to avoid clouds.

If the temperature starts rising, players need to make sure they stay beneath Eggman while wind will try to push the players towards spikes so they need to keep on running. Whenever players see an opening after a weather attack, they need to jump attack Eggman until the boss has been defeated.

Trash Compactor Boss
Location: Flying Battery Act 1

A machine continues to throw pieces of trash in the “arena” with the players and they turn into spinning enemies. Players need to jump on top of them and into the blue underside of the machine that is throwing trash in.

Repeating this a number of times will let players jump into the machine with the aid of one of those enemies and players will have completed the encounter

Spider Boss
Location: Flying Battery Act 2

Players can physically damage this boss so this fight can be somewhat challenging as they need to force the boss into the spikes on walls while avoiding the projectiles thrown towards them. The best way to avoid these is to simply stand in a corner of the screen.

To damage the boss, players can leap onto the spinning poles and once they are at the same level as the spider’s red rear-end, players can dash into it and the boss will be pushed towards the spikes. Repeat this until the boss has been destroyed.

Spinning Saw
Location: Press Garden Act 1

The boss uses extendable saw hands to attack the players while hovering above them. Players need to make sure the boss misses them and hits the brown crates in the area to damage it. Players need to position themselves in such a way that they are facing the boss but behind a brown crate.

This way, when the boss attempts to hit the player, he will instead hit the crate and become vulnerable so players can use jump attack to damage the boss until he has been defeated.

Ninja Robot
Location: Press Garden Act 2

This boss has a variety of attacks at his disposal so players need to be careful and must know the counters to them all. If they get too close, the boss uses a swipe attack and covers the players in ice followed by throwing an exploding star at them that shoots multiple projectiles.

Because of this, players must always stay at a distance from the boss and avoid the star at all costs. The best way to defeat the boss is to jump attack him from below when he is in the air. This stuns the boss and allows players to perform more jump attacks and damage the boss until he explodes.

Glowbug Boss
Location: Stardust Speedway Act 1

As the name suggests, this boss looks like a bug with a bulb attached to it and players need to make sure they avoid its glowing attacks while waiting for the boss to get bigger. Once it does, players can jump attack it while it is charging up its powerful wave attack.

Avoiding the bug is easy as long as players pay attention to their surroundings to see where the boss is going to appear from and can stay clear of its reach until they are ready to attack.

Metal Sonic Boss
Location: Stardust Speedway Act 2

Once players blow up the device next to the boss’ hologram, a race sequence begins and players have to reach the next area while avoiding the attacks of Metal Sonic.

To avoid those, simply keep an eye out for when he zooms in towards the players and then jump to avoid them. Eventually, players reach a room where Metal Sonic goes and sits in a machine to make a robot minion appear which the players need to use to defeat the boss.

Throughout this fight, Metal Sonic will fire projectiles at the player while the minion uses slide or rolling attacks and players need to avoid both the boss and the minion. When the minion uses rolling attacks, players can bounce him upwards to hit Metal Sonic by spinning on the spot and waiting for the minion to hit the player.

Hitting Metal Sonic a number of times will start another race sequence similar to the previous one but at the end of this, players will also have to dodge a wall of spikes. Players can also jump attack the boss while he is gliding or flying during this sequence. Repeating these attacks a number of times should defeat the boss.

Eggman Diving Boss
Location: Hydrocity Act 1

Players need to make their way to the boss through an underwater section which means they need to move fast until they get to a flying vehicle which they can drive. While in the vehicle, they can drop weights by pressing down or pick up stuff by holding jump.

Players need to suck up Eggman while he is in the water by holding down jump. If they manage to do it, the boss will take damage. Repeating this a number of times while being careful of the mines in the area will finish the boss fight.

Propeller Submarine Eggman
Location: Hydrocity Act 2

In this fight, Eggman is piloting a submarine and players can’t directly attack him so they need to hit the boss with underwater bombs during the first phase of the fight. They also need to make sure they avoid spikes and run up to bubbles of air to replenish their breath.

To make the boss hit the bombs, they need to position themselves behind a bomb so that when the boss charges the players, he will hit the bomb instead and take damage. Players need to do this a number of times to start the phase 2 of the boss fight.

During phase 2, Eggman will trap the players in a small underwater area with ramps to the side and a pillar in the middle. Players need to stay in the middle as Eggman rolls around the sides and tries to hit the players so while he is rolling, players can jump over him.

Once he is done, Eggman will sit on the pillar so players can use two jump attacks on him. Repeating the whole process a few times should defeat the boss.

Worm Boss
Location: Mirage Saloon Act 1

This is a pretty simple and easy to defeat boss and as players are flying around, they need to dodge the boss’ attacks as it moves towards the screen. After some time, the boss will start attacking from the sides instead of the background and this is when the players need to jump on top of its head to attack. Doing this a few times will finish the boss fight.

Magician Robot
Location: Mirage Saloon Act 2

The boss spawns a number of different characters each with their own unique attacks. Each time he spawns a new character, players need to jump attack the minion as quickly as possible followed by jump attacking the boss. Just repeat this same pattern while avoiding the attacks of the minions should defeat the boss quickly.

Repair Robot
Location: Oil Ocean Act 1

This boss is one of the easiest in the game and can be defeated really quickly. Players simply have to jump attack it a number of times in the start before the boss starts moving and then repeat the pattern again once the boss moves to the other side of the screen.

If done right, players should be able to defeat the boss before he readies up any of his deadly attacks. However, when he is moving around they do need to be careful of his swinging wrench.

Octopus Boss
Location: Oil Ocean Act 2

At the start of the fight, players need to stay on the blue platforms and out of the water until a tentacle with a gun emerges. Players need to stay on the opposite side of the screen to avoid this tentacle and then jump over its projectiles.

After a while, two more tentacles with discs will emerge and players need to jump attack those while avoiding the discs. After a few hits, the octopus goes underwater and a flying hooked tentacle emerges so players have to avoid this and the tentacle with the gun until the two disc tentacles emerge again. Simply attacking them again a number of times should defeat the boss.

Ground Pounder
Location: Lava Reef Act 1

This boss, as the name suggests, pounds the ground and destroys it so players have to make sure they are standing in the right place in order to win this fight. Initially, the ground will be covered by rocks and then the targeting reticle locks onto the player, they need to quickly move to the side as the boss comes smashing down and destroys the rocky ground.

This causes a fountain of lava to shoot up from the ground which hits the boss and deals damage. Players need to repeat this same pattern in other areas where the ground is covered by rocks to cause the boss to lose its protective shell so players can hit the boss from the side and finish the fight.

Flying Motorbike
Location: Lava Reef Act 2

This boss flies around on a motorbike, swinging a mace around his head. Players need to avoid the mace, jump attack the boss when the mace is at his back to cause the mace to hit the boss. Once players nail down the timing, the boss should be defeated in a few tries.

Eggman Boss
Location: Metallic Madness Act 1

This fight has multiple stages. In the first stage, Eggman will appear in pillars the emerge from the ground. You need to jump attack to deal damage. After each appearance, laser balls will appear and move across the screen.

Avoid them by charging a dash and then rolling across the map before impact. Do not get caught under or above any of the pillars, otherwise its instant death.

In the second phase, the pillars will be moving much faster. Remember to not get caught otherwise you die. There are no laser balls this time.

Keep moving and jump and attack Eggman whenever you get the chance to get done with it

Egg Dispenser Eggman
Location: Metallic Madness Act 2

Eggman is flying around in a massive toy egg dispenser which spawns toy enemies for the players to deal with. Players need to jump attack these minions until the dispenser machine runs out of eggs and it blows up.

Eye Machine Boss
Location: Titanic Monarch Act 1

This boss has two phases and in the first one, a number of spinning balls surround the main machine. Players have to jump over these balls and into the eye in the center and then back out to the side of the balls.

Players need to repeat this a number of times, avoiding the spinning balls as they make their way to the top of the machine until the machine blows up and phase 2 of the boss fight starts.

During phase 2, players will have to fight the flying robot eye itself which emits a string of bouncing laser balls. Players need to keep an eye out on the boss’ arms in this stage to see where it is going to shoot and then dodge the balls, which is pretty easy to do.

Once players think it is safe, they can jump attack the boss a number of times until the fight is over.

Final Eggman Boss
Location: Titanic Monarch Act 2

This is the final boss fight of the game and players will have an ultimate showdown against Eggman this time. This fight takes place on a large stage and has multiple parts. Players need to make sure they always keep an eye out on Eggman’s attack patterns as he has a number of them.

Eggman occasionally jumps on the player so they need to stay away from him, he can also use electrified tentacles so players need to make sure they don’t touch those when the tentacles are flashing. Eggman also has missiles at his disposal which the players need to avoid.

Whenever players see an opening in his attacks and Eggman isn’t glowing orange, they need to jump attack him. Randomly through the fight, players will be grabbed by giant hands and flown off to another area where they will have to fight some of the previously defeated bosses.

Once these mini-bosses are dead, players will return again to Eggman and will have to repeat the same attack pattern again until Eggman’s tentacles blow up and players will be victorious.

Secret Boss

If players managed to finish Sonic Mania with all Chaos Emeralds (which are collected by finishing Special Stages) they will be able to fight against two more enemies at the end.

However, this boss fight is pretty easy as players will be up against them as Super Sonic and all they have to worry about are the projectile attacks. Players simply need to stay on the move and hit the bosses whenever they see an opening and the fight will be over in no time.

This is all we have in our Sonic Mania Boss Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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