Sonic Generations Unlockables Guide

Did you know there is a hidden Statue Room in Sonic Generations that you can unlock? it has like 50 statues that require a code before you can see them. I bet you didn’t, that’s why you are here. Anyway, if you didn’t know that and other secret Sonic Generations cheats and avatar awards, continue reading below for few surprises in our Sonic Generations Unlockables guide.

Sonic Generations Unlockables

How To Unlock Statue Room
Enter the collection room and stand to the right of the Movie Chair – to the left of the Art Painting. Hold the Back/Select button for five seconds here to enter a trap hole that takes you to the Statue Room. You can enter passwords here to get statue figurines.

How To Play as Super Sonic
First, you have to unlock Super Sonic by beating the whole game including the final boss, in doing so you will get skill points. After you have done that, you need to go to the skill shop and click at customize. There you will have a menu of customizable and unlockable skills, all these skills require skill points to unlock, here you will see a skill’s name called super sonic. Once you have done that, you can play as Super Sonic in the Classic and Modern stages.

After that, you can start at any level and when you’ve got 50 or more rings just press Y or triangle and you will turn into Super Sonic, here you will lose one ring per second and the skill will wear off when you run out of the rings.

Sonic Generations Avatar Awards
There are some avatar awards in sonic generations that you can unlock by completing some specific tasks. Complete the specified task to unlock the following Avatar Awards:

  • Classic Eggman Suit (Bottoms): Defeat all rivals in Hard mode.
  • Classic Eggman Suit (Head): Defeat the final Boss in Hard mode.
  • Classic Eggman Suit (Tops): Defeat all Bosses in Hard mode.

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