Someone Reviewed PS4 Slim Ahead of Its Official Announcement

Sony is yet to announce PS4 Slim but someone has already reviewed the machine. The reviewer posted an unboxing video on YouTube that detailed its changes, improvements etc.

The size is significantly smaller than the original and the controller comes with minor improvements as well. Sony really dropped the ball on keeping this thing under wraps and surprise the audience at PlayStation Meeting.

It is odd how Sony is still not making it official and is waiting for PlayStation Meeting on September 7. Sony is coming to New York on September 7 to show its new hardware devices.

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It is expected to be a hardware centric event focused on PlayStation 4 Neo, PlayStation Vita Trinity and PS4 Slim. Sony is not commenting on PS4 Slim.

PlayStation Meeting will bring plenty of news regarding all three platforms.

Rumor has it that Sony is working on a PlayStation Vita Trinity, an upgraded version of PlayStation Vita. Some FCC documents are a pretty good indication that Sony is now only bringing a new console to the market but a Vita as well.

We may not see it at PlayStation Meeting but Sony would at least make an announcement.

Meanwhile, PlayStation 4 Neo is pretty much confirmed to be at PlayStation Meeting along with possible details regarding its release and price.

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