Some Linux Games Won’t be Available on Steam Machines

Valve Corporation has been shuffling around a number of things in their gigantic distribution service Steam ahead of the Steam Machines launch.

One thing that a number of people noticed was how they were treated Linux games that are supposed to be playable on the new platforms. In a recent series of changes to the website, it appears that Valve has removed the SteamOS icons for a number of Linux games.

For those of you who do not know, this means they are showing those games are not supported for Steam Machines.

According to reports, the SteamOS icon of between 30 to 40 games has been removed. Some of the games include Ticket to Ride, Anodyne, Lume, WAKFU, Starbound, Evoland, Oniken, StarMade and Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten.

This not only means that the games won’t be available on SteamOS but also for Linux users other than that because recently the Linux Tux icon had been replaced by the new icon on SteamOS.

It could be a temporary change because the developers of these game might have been required to tweak the game for better performance on the Steam Machines. If this is the case we might see the icons return for at least some of the titles.

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