SOCOM 4 Multiplayer Guide

Our SOCOM 4 multiplayer guide to help you get better in the competitive play.

SOCOM 4 multiplayer can be a real challenge for you if you are new to the series. You may find different aspects of the game challenging since they take you away from the traditional FPS shooters you may be used to and try to provide more realistic experience.

How far they actually succeed is another debate but for now, let’s just focus on how you can get started with the game. I will keep my focus on the basics to relatively advanced stuff in this guide. So, If you are a self-proclaimed veteran, you can skip.

SOCOM 4 Multiplayer

SOCOM 4 Beginner’s Guide
If you are new to SOCOM 4 and just starting out, you should read through this brief guide to know how to proceed with this game.

Controls Setup
You can setup your aim sensitivity for both X-axis and Y-axis in SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs. You may not know the relative advantages of setting the sensitivity that would suit your favorite weapon. Like if you are a sniper, you should choose a low sensitivity reducing the crosshair movement with respect to how much you move your controller stick.

It would result in more accurate aim. Similar sort of setting is recommended when you assault, while if you are to attack, few prefer high sensitivity for good reflexes, while others are good with low sensitivity.

There are two settings you can tweak to find the best aim sensitivity for your controller and these Turn Speed and Pitch. Turn speed affects how fast your character’s cross hairs can move left and right.


Pitch affects how fast your character’s crosshairs can move up and down. In-game you may notice that Pitch is far more sensitive when compared to Turn Speed so set it up where you feel comfortable. You can find both of these settings under options.

SOCOM 4 Weapons Guide
In SOCOM 4, you can equip two primary weapons, each from different class of weapons. There are no pistols. You need to level up each weapon to unlock different modes and attachments for that weapon. There are 5 Mods/Attachments available for each weapon that are unlocked once you have leveled up any specific weapon.

There are three fire modes supported by different weapons in SOCOM 4 and these are: Auto, Semi Auto, and Action. Everything detailed in my SOCOM 4 Weapons Guide.

Find what works for you and you will be fine. It should sync with your game style ; attack, defense, stealth.

Game Modes
I would just go with Tips for each specific mode in SOCOM 4. For know how of these multiplayer modes and settings at which you can play online, read my SOCOM 4 Game Modes Guide.

Suppression Tips

  1. Take the cover and wait.
  2. Be Patient, don’t fire unless you are sure of taking the kill. Remember, you don’t want to give away your position.
  3. When you are playing competitive match, you can travel in groups of two, can be helpful if they cover each other properly. Or can result in a disaster both dieing off the same enemy.

Last Defense Tips

  1. Have someone defend capture points.
  2. Provide cover to team mates trying to capture the point.
  3. Smoke Grenades, use them for cover and distraction.
  4. When you have located the beacons, take your time, and devise the strategy to move forward. If it’s a risk planting the beacon, don’t do it, you won’t lose if you don’t plant the beacon.

Uplink Tips

  1. Clear the area before you attempt to steal the data. Since it takes time to steal it from the data location, you will vulnerable to open fire of enemy.
  2. Always have your cover when you are to pick up the data or are uploading the stolen data to data terminal.
  3. Smoke Grenades again would be key to create a distraction or to provide a cover.
  4. Avoid PMN Mines, Claymores, and C4. Data Locations are most likely to host these. You can also secure your own Data Uplink Sites with these so it works both ways.
  5. You don’t have to upload the retrieve data back to it’s original location. You can hold it off in a more secured environment as long as it is safe.

Bomb Squad Tips

  1. Stay in Groups to defend against Bomb Technician. Split-up strategy would not work here since Bomb Tech can easily take on most of the team by itself with huge armor and devastating weapons. But, he is not invincible, you can kill em off.
  2. If you are brave enough, you can take on Bomb Tech and knife em. Your team in most cases would need to create a distraction. Aim for the head when shooting the rounds.
  3. If you are the Bomb Tech, avoid the action as much as possible. Victory of your Team depends on you to stay alive. If you die, your team losses.
  4. Throw Smokes when defusing, and use flashbangs to blind your enemies. You can also use smoke for creating a distraction and I really feel people under-use the smoke in most of the cases and undermine it’s effectiveness in competitive multiplayer.
  5. If your team is to defuse bombs, protect the bomb tech with whatever ways possible. If it means dieing to protect him, do that or you loose round so choose.
  6. Bomb Tech needs to scan the ground for mines, c4 and claymores before defusing the bombs. Shoot these with shotgun or your grenade launcher before entering the area.

SOCOM 4 Level Up Guide – Experience Points
If you are seeking help in leveling up fast in SOCOM 4, you may want to go through this guide since it provides a basic framework for what you need to do and how you should go about it.

Multiplayer General Tips

Almost every shooter demands communication and SOCOM 4 is no different. If you aren’t communicating well with your team, you will hurt yourself and be responsible for the defeat of your team.

Be Specific
Don’t try to over-do. Know your objective and know your role and devise how you should proceed in a given situation. Don’t be hero to do everything yourself.

Team Game
Play with your team, and stick together. Support your team mates and don’t get singled out anytime in the game or you will end up on the receiving end of the defeat.

You can hear foot steps and sound signature of the weapon fired which will give you direction from where the enemy is firing. There are also other various sounds that warn you of an anemy nearby. So, best is to be able to differentiate each and every sound and that will only come when you will focus on sound by listening thoroughly.

Use Cover Effectively
You can pop-in and out of the cover to take out the enemy. First locate the enemy, then take em out in the second shuffle. You can also keep your opponent guessing by not being static.

Aim – Use Burst Fire
You don’t have to fire the whole round to take out an enemy in range. It won’t do any good. Fire in bursts in the way of the enemy and you will most probably take em out. You need to take yourself in a more stationary stable position to reduce the size of the reticle which means accurate aim. So, you can go prone to take out enemies more accurately.

Fire in the Way – Not AT
There is something called Lead Time, you should keep in mind when playing SOCOM 4. It’s the time it takes the bullet to reach the target in SOCOM 4 and it’s the realistic side of the game. So, don’t aim at the target in mid to long range, fire in the way of the target expecting him to move in that direction to take em out. You will need to judge the position of the enemy when the bullet reaches it but don’t worry, You will get better by the time it accurately judging.

Use Environment to Your Advantage
If you want to play Stealthy, you should take notice of everything that’s around you and make the best use of it in-game. You should be able to blend in with everything around you in a given situation. So, try and you would start noticing the impact.

Walk Cautiously
Be careful that you don’t step on any PMN mines or trigger claymores or be a victim of C4. You can notice the low beeping sound in case of of PMN mines so you have a chance to avoid them if you walk cautiously that is. Similarly you can notice claymores and C4 charges placed on most hideous of places.

If you have any other tip for our readers, you can share in comments.

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