Snoopy Pop Tips and Strategies Guide – PowerUps, Starting Scroll, Bubble Popping Tips

Snoopy Pop Tips and Strategies Guide to help you learn everything about the game with tips on the Initial Scroll, best PowerUps, and Bubble Popping.

In this Snoopy Pop Tips and Strategies Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about the game. Snoopy Pop is a bubble popping shooter type game developed by Jam City.

The game is easy to understand and it is fun to play yet it requires a little bit of skill and mind usage so that you can pop the bubbles and score big high scores all while freeing your friend Woodstock. We have listed some tips and tricks in this Snoopy Pop Tips and Strategies Guide so that you can pop bubbles in style and clear up the levels quickly.

Snoopy Pop Tips and Strategies Guide

Snoopy Pop Tips and Strategies Guide details tips, tricks, and strategies to help you play Snoopy Pop.

Snoopy Pop Tips Guide

Boosts & Powerups

Snoopy Pop offers you a wide variety of boosts and Powerups that can greatly ease your game and help you get out of some really tricky situations. These boosts and Powerups are your last resort if you are stuck at some place.

However, they can also be used at some other perfect times when they can help you pop a large number of bubbles at the same time. Different kids will accompany you when you play a level and each kid will have a unique power up. Use this power up to pop many bubbles at the same time and get you out of a tricky situation.

The game has different boosts such as Super Aim, Beach Ball & Fireworks. The purpose of these boosts is to enhance your abilities to pop bubbles. They will expire after a certain time so make sure you use them when you need them the most to get the most out of them. These are mostly bought by paying real money, however; you can earn some free boosts as well by completing Franklin’s Scavenger Hunt quests.


Remember the Initial Scroll!

At the start of every level, you will be shown the complete board briefly, as it will be scrolling above. During this initial scroll, you must try to remember as much as you can. It will really help you later in the game when you are popping bubbles. By remembering the board, you can easily devise different strategies about how to pop the bubbles.

Bounce Shot

A clever trick in Snoopy Pop is Bounce Shot. Bounce Shot is basically a trick shot when you fire at the side of the screen and the bubble will bounce off the side of the screen and then go and pop bubbles at hard to reach places.

This is a very useful trick and you must use it as much as you can. During your gameplay, you will come across a lot of situations where a large number of same colored bubbles will be blocked by a single bubble of a different color. In such situations, you can use Bounce Shot to your advantage and pop the bubbles without stacking up extra bubbles.

Bubble Popping Tips

While Popping Bubbles, make sure that you always target those areas first that can be most effective such as a single stack of identical bubbles.

The game offers you the option of switching out bubbles if you are not happy with your current bubble. Your current bubble will then become your backup bubble and you can use it later when you need it. Use this in extreme cases and switch the bubble to the backup bubble to pop the bubbles.

Sometimes you will have the option of clearing more than one obstacle with just one bubble. Such as in cloud clearing stage, you can clear a cloud and pop bubbles of the same color with just one accurate shot. In the Red Baron stages, you will be required to hit the little red plane flying over the bubbles. To hit the plane, always aim a little ahead of where the plane is heading to get a confirmed hit.

Use Lucy to your Advantage

Lucy has a very special power up that you can use anytime in the game. She has a jump rope that you can throw up to get a good view of the board. You can throw it up as far up as you like. You can even throw it past the top of the screen to the hidden part of the board.

You must use this as an advantage and look ahead in the board often so that you are aware of the current situation of the board and you can plan your gameplay accordingly.

This concludes our Snoopy Pop Tips and Strategies Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!

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