Sniper Elite 5 has been leaked, suggests multiple endings

Sniper Elite 5 has been leaked online ahead of its upcoming release and hence, fans should be wary of coming across any spoilers.

For the past few days, certain YouTube channels have been uploading walkthroughs of the entire game to cover every single mission as well as the ending. While developer-and-publisher Rebellion Developments should be filing a take-down notice soon enough to remove those spoiler-filled videos, you are nonetheless advised to refrain from opening any links that mention Sniper Elite 5.

Something of interest though and which is not a spoiler is that Sniper Elite 5 appears to have multiple endings. Sniper Elite 4 was pretty linear in that regard. There was only a single ending that could not be influenced in any way. Even if players skipped optional tasks, they would get the same ending.

Sniper Elite 5, however, might feature a good and a bad ending, at least based on the titles of the aforementioned leaked videos. Consider this as another warning to keep an eye out for every task and detail that comes your way during the campaign. There may as well be a choice somewhere in the campaign that influences the ending you will get on completion.

Sniper Elite 5 is a direct sequel and will be officially released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and PC on May 26, 2022.

The new installment promises even larger levels with several opportunities to infiltrate and extract. Rebellion Developments utilized photogrammetry to replicate real-world locations for some of the levels. Those familiar with Guernsey and the other Channel Islands near the French coast will probably recognize the locations in the game.

Something new to Sniper Elite 5 is the invasion mode which allows a player to join your game session as an enemy sniper. The signature X-Ray kill cam system is obviously returning with a ton of more anatomy options to target alongside a ton of weapon customizations.

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