Sniper Elite 5 has been pulled from the Epic Games Store without reason

Sniper Elite 5 has been strangely pulled from the Epic Games Store on the day of its release without any official statement.

In an updated support section from earlier today, publisher Rebellion Developments states that Sniper Elite 5 will only be available on PC through Steam and the Windows Store. The publisher further notes that anyone who pre-ordered the game through the Epic Games Store should have received a refund by now. If not, they can either wait or reach out to Epic Games for help.

Rebellion Developments has not explained why Sniper Elite 5 was pulled from the Epic Games Store. The new chapter in the franchise still has an active product listing on the digital storefront at the time of writing. The listing, however, mentions the game to be “coming soon” which is even stranger since the game has already been released.

The social media channels of the Epic Games Store have noticeably neither mentioned nor marketed the game in recent days. The store was also missing from the launch trailer of the game.

It is being speculated that Rebellion Developments and Epic Games were working on some sort of marketing deal for Sniper Elite 5 which somehow broke close to release. That could be why the publisher decided to not release the game on the Epic Games Store.

Since Rebellion Developments has already confirmed Epic Games to refund all pre-orders, it is unlikely that another round of negotiations between both parties will land the game in the store.

Sniper Elite 5 is a direct sequel to its preceding installment and sees protagonist Karl Fairburne journey to France to destroy a secret Nazi project codenamed Project Kraken. Just note that the game was leaked before release with at least one of its endings being spread on social media.

The new game has received favorable scores with most critics calling it the best entry in the franchise to date.

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