Sniper Elite 4 Development Confirmed by Rebellion

It looks like Sniper Elite 4 is being developed, as revealed by LinkedIn. While come companies don’t often move to confirm information pulled from such accounts, Rebellion are only happy to let us know the fact.

The news about Sniper Elite 4’s existence was reported by VideoGamer and the information from LinkedIn can be seen below. This was taken from an employee of ADIA Entertainment, a Chinese company who works on digital arts.

As you can see, one of the games listed as being worked on is Sniper Elite 4 from Rebellion. VideoGamer apparently reached out to Rebellion who were only too happy to confirm the news:

“To be honest we’re flattered that people are actively searching out for a new Sniper Elite title, and we certainly don’t mind being mentioned next to projects like Black Ops 3 and Unreal!” Kingsley said in a statement provided to us this afternoon. “However the person in question doesn’t work for Rebellion and we haven’t announced a new entry in the Sniper Elite series.

Last year we celebrated the Sniper Elite series’ 10th birthday and 10 millionth sale, so our IP is still hugely important to both Rebellion and independent UK games development. We’re actually gearing up to announce a new Rebellion game soon, so expect to hear more from us before GDC!”

So if you are a fan of the Sniper Elite games, then this is obviously good news for you. We’ll learn more about the game and its release date at a later date, so until then practice your sniper skills and be ready for the game’s big release.

Are you looking forward to Sniper Elite 4? Let us know in the comments section below.

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