Sniper Elite 3 Weapon Parts Locations Guide

Sniper Elite 3 is undoubtedly a fun game and better than its predecessors in various aspects. However, there is one aspect of the game which is quite frustrating for me.

Instead of taking on a traditional approach of unlocking weapon parts each time a player levels up, the game requires you to find them by looting fallen soldiers in the battlefield.

Sniper Elite 3 Weapon Parts Locations

Scope and Barrels are a few a attachments/weapon parts that can be found in the game. To make it a bit less frustrating, Rebellion Developments has decided against making these weapon parts a random drop.

It means that no matter how many times you play the game, there will always be the same soldier carrying a specific weapon part. You must kill him and loot the body to retrieve the specific weapon part.

There are a total of 15 weapon parts and finding them all is a prerequisite to attain 100% game completion and subsequently unlock Dedicated Soldier Achievement/Trophy.

With the exception of Chapter #1, each chapter in the game has 2 weapon parts. The game auto-saves after a part is picked up and players can return to Main Menu without worrying about losing their acquired parts.


These weapon parts allow players to customize their Sniper Rifles and Binoculars. And the easiest way of finding these is to complete a mission and continue to loot the bodies before heading to the final checkpoint.

Check out the video above, showcasing the location of each soldier that you need to kill and loot to upgrade your Sniper Rifle.

For your convenience, I’ve also provided a timeline below:

Mission #1 – Siege of Tobruk
Weapon Part #1: 0:05

Mission #2 – Gaberoun
Weapon Part #2: 0:44
Weapon Part #3: 01:19

Mission #3 – Halfaya Pass
Weapon Part #4: 02:05
Weapon Part #5: 02:44

Mission #4 – Fort Rifugio
Weapon Part #6: 03:37
Weapon Part #7: 04:25

Mission #5 – Siwa Oasis
Weapon Part #8: 04:56
Weapon Part #9: 05:38

Mission #6 – Kasserine Pass
Weapon Part #10: 06:23
Weapon Part #11: 06:59

Mission #7 – Airfield
Weapon Part #12: 07:45
Weapon Part #13: 08:19

Mission #8 – Ratte Factory
Weapon Part #14: 09:14
Weapon Part #15: 09:48

Thanks: PowerPyx.

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